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Dave Exim Private Limited welcomes you to it’s site. We are importer of E Rickshows and sales all those.

These rickshaws are built on M.S(Mild Steel) Chassis, consist of 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at rear wheels. The motor is brush less DC motor manufactured mostly in India and China. The electrical system used in Indian version is 48V and Bangladesh is 60V. The body design from most popular Chinese version is of very thin iron or aluminum sheets. Some variants made in fiber are also popular because of their strength and durability, resulting in low maintenance. Body design is varied from load carriers. passenger vehicles with no roof, to full body with windshield for drivers comfort It consist of a controller unit.They are sold on the basis of voltage supplied and current output, also the number of mosfet(metal oxide field effect transistor) used. The battery used is mostly lead acid battery with life of 6–12 months. Deep discharge batteries designed for electric vehicles are rarely used.Weight of the electric car has also been a recurring design difficulty in them.